Please help, what the syntax of the commands that write original firmware through uart. Please understand the commands before executing them. Internal red LED blinks, network interface is dead, terminal does not respond. The status light of my NSD never goes to ready. Snaker In my case i chroot device too, i have install debian on my usb hard drive with the yohannes method i gain root access on the firmware of my lb2, with my procedure describe here: But now I have another one. I have used bootpimage.

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Cart Summary Items in Cart: Hope it helps to easy our advance with this interesting platform. Stock levels are not guaranteed, but suppliers are expected to have stock. I have used bootpimage.


If you have some time please can you look into the networking driver. But I need dev: If you can, your device is not lost. I am not really sure that my firmware will work on your hardware. Hi Yohanes, I had a agwstar around with ur firmware.


If someone can confirm it? How can i reflash my box?

Agestar 4-Port USB to Gigabit Lan – Electronics Online | Raru

I can run debian on this box by folllow upgrade without serial instruction and work for while. After that I spent a lot of experiments with the bin-files, trying to revive the device. Is it possible for you to make a firmware with armel support so that we can use debian 6. Do you know what to do next? I can see that you compiled with NAPI enabled so speeds should be at least as good as the original firmware.

To restore, get your original firmware from http: I think also i need more swap for debian. For your device Debian — best choice.

I agestarr ordered a second unit to play with… Will start to test web firmware update next week. If you are interested to make your own firmware, this is what you should do: Can you send me the picture of the board of your nas?

I was trying to tftp original firmware without first keverything the same. The attempt with new firmware V01R03 7. It wont let you install via the web interface. Thanks for Fabiano about the tip that they use same firmware, that made me just try it.


Are you excited to throw a dinner party, but terrified at the thought? I have followed your instruction on installing debian. Style Tips and Tricks We have all been there, had our breath taken away by stylish women and men. Then I downloaded star If you have installed Debian using the instruction in hereyou can download zImage to Agestar, and then do: The network driver problem only happens on certain hardware.

The site above also has the LSDK, toolchain, updated this week!!!

Update – Debian on Agestar Firmware

I do not know the chipset in LB1…. This is not an update to the agestzr firmware. Rostislav For STR, please take a look at: