The simplest thing would be to change it to, e. They should work on most current Linux distributions, based on the 2. It’d be interesting to test your connection speed with a plain old 56K serial external modem. Anyways, please please help – below is the modem info. Under Linux unpack with: I do wonder why I have to use kppp to force the modem to work, but shucks, it works.

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PCI HSF Modem by Conexant Systems, Inc – Should I Remove It?

We bought a new hard drive gigsinstalled Ubuntu, etc Mpdem, OK, let’s try and prevent you from having to go back to Windows! Bug reports are welcome. I assume you have tried the firefox icon on the top of the screen? But I suppose Uncle will just have to launch moxem first then click connect then go to other internet apps. When we clicked on the file on Ubuntu it was simply text.


It would be fairly easy to get KPPP to come up automatically, though. I ordered a license key to fully unlock my 56k dial up modem. If someone could please email me to help I’d really appreciate it.


Check the information for that type of modem, in most cases you need to load some modules so the modem starts from boot time. The hsfmodem package serves a great variety of Conexant chipset modems. The reasons I’ve created so many theads is I just recently learned how to have threads emailed to me by default in the control panel. How do I determine this?

Thank You for Submitting a Reply,! Then what do I do after that.

Promote cracked software, or other illegal content. I’ve seen references to pon, but not familiar with that either.

There is NO freeware alternative. The selection on ebay is really poor right now. The ultimate situation in my opinon is for the modem to dial up when firefox or evolution is launched.

Microsoft Update Catalog

The threads I’m talking about: Within ancient kernel 2. Here’s a link to my search http: The latest version and related information are available at http: Select type of offense: I went to http: I can’t help you with that, unfortunately.

If so, could you tell us if your machine is wired or wireless? With Dapper, once the modem had been configured and enabled, and I’d placed the Modem Monitor applet in the top panel, it was just a matter of clicking on the Modem Monitor and clicking “Connect”.

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I think that you were trying to install an application or something, but instead of using Synaptic, you downloaded the source package.

Basically, while in terminal I need to type something to execute the file on the desktop You already gunzipped it? We’ve ran modemScan and think we narrowed it down to conexant and downloaded the conexant driver but we’re stuck at this point on how to proceed.

Believe me, no one would be happier than me right now to see your Linux system on-line, but seriously, stop creating more threads about it.

I believe after running ScanModem or ModemScan it created the file that has the info. SomeName, YourCountry Ubuntu 7.