Your email address will not be published. A list is generated of the differences between the MP3 collection on the Jukebox and PC showing the action to be performed. What is the user feeling right now? IEEE Parallel port connection. When you close the dialog box, all items for the current search will then be changed.

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Try installing the drivers available from from Creative’s Website.

Creative Nomad vs. iPod: A Case Study – Ellen Petry Leanse – Medium

The Nomad Jukebox had a 6GB hard drive. This seems to happen when you close NomadSync and restart it immediately.

But the tone and placement of this content creates an entirely different product experience, especially for those who are up and running after Page Two and never even flip through the rest of the manual. Would our associations be as clear and familiar?

They are not shown because the GTK version used is very old 1. Although Creative Lab no longer archives the press release creatiev to announce the Jukebox, the snippet shared on their history page hints at the tone of the announcement:.

Creative Nomad vs. iPod: A Case Study

The Nomad Jukebox had an equalizer, spatialization settings, etc. I got looks wherever I went with the device and probably helped make Creative Labs a lot of money. Bear in mind that the code is object oriented, cross-platform and quite high quality and I would like to keep it that way.


Digging deeper, we look at the users manual released with the product. In no event will the author be held liable for any damages arising from the use of this software. We continue with Health Vreative. If it can’t find the Trash folder then it will not delete any tracks.

If you want to transfer one of these tracks, you will be forced to delete the “twin” track. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Having said that, I will always try to fix any serious bugs that crop up. It was October of Thank you in advance for helping me make this study a more accurate and helpful analysis.

Download latest release from Sourceforge summary page.

Creative Nomad Jukebox Zen – iFixit

In earlyCreative Labs ended up releasing a mini version of their multimedia device, the Zen Vision M. Tracks that have the same label but different file sizes are paired together. Also, other langauges such as Turkish and Russian will work, provided you have the correct locale set on your PC.


Soon there were more. Also, all subsequent searchs will set the default action as you specified. If you select “Delete”, or “Download to Jukebod, the second row becomes editable, allowing you to select a separate action for the jukkebox item. Like the iPod story? However, all characters from western European languages will work fine. Also, if some tracks on the playlist have not yet been transfered to the Nomad then you will get the message “Tracks missing on Nomad”. If the playlist entered does not exit then it will be created.


These models appear as a USB mass storage device to the operating system so that the device can be accessed like any other removable disk, a floppy disk for example.

Creative NOMAD

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NomadSync does not support Unicode, this means if you have tracks in languages, such as Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, etc.