For each communication channel, the signals are encoded in a sequence known to the transmitter and the receiver for that channel. So then I have to open the phone up to hear my songs. Three or four years ago Im sure there wouldnt have been a problem but nowadays phone makers are bound to strict guidelines, the LG company included! Just below the controls is a small speaker for music and speakerphone calls, while above them is the square, 1. FM Transmiter Headphones connector: I’ve worked in construction, as an arborist, and in a steel fabrication plant. And also is there a way to make your audio recordings your ringtones?

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It has microSD slot for memory expansion and FM radio transmitter. The problems are you can only play one song at a time. For a few songs that rely on heavy bass, the audio can suffer from some sloppiness that hinders the experience. If your phone is off warranty and rusic repair for a physical problem such as a broken screen or bad battery, you should visit an authorized service centre or a local phone repair shop. I have read the manual to help, even googled it and nothing works.

LG Fusic LG550 – Black White (Sprint) Cellular Phone

I was going to purchase a Chocolate Cherry, but saw this one instead. Or a way to get them? What I want is to be able to access my songs with the phone closed, and have them play throuh my list uninterrupted so that I could keep the phone closed in my pocket fuaic listen to them over my blue tooth headset. There’s no denying that the next big trend in cell phones is mp3 integration.


I’ve droped it millions of times and there had been no major damage. It also benefits from solid construction 4.

LG FUSIC (LX ) Review – IGN

I like the phone overall but I detest the fact that [service provider] locks out the ability to download MP3 ringtones from other sites. I have had the phone for a week now and I am strongly thinking about taking it back.

Another issue is that the mp3s stored on your phone are not able to be used as ringtones. I haven’t even had this phone for a year and I hate it. And also is there a way to make your audio recordings your ringtones?

If your Fusic has problems and is still within its warranty period, you could contact LG support or the retailer you purchased the phone from. Apple and other music vendors want access to the phone market but don’t want their own download services or hardware businesses to take a hit.

In times like these when px of us have both an Ly player and a fusiic stashed away in our pockets, we want to consolidate and start considering an all-in-one device.


It’s a cell phone. Screw this, I’m getting an iPhone. Read full review Less.

LG Fusic Reviews

Help inform others by sharing your experience with LG Fusic. I lb figure out how to do it. Greed, it’s the biggest factor in anyone getting anything they pay for, cause they always want you to pay for MORE.

Above the display is a small light that blinks when the phone is in standby mode and when you’re on a call. So then I have to open the phone up to hear my songs. The phone has a 1. LG estimates the phones battery life at 4.

They’re also smaller than we expected, but the blue backlighting is bright, and we like the silver plate that covers the inside of the phone. It doesn’t have tons of features that new phones have, but for a fairly basic phone with mp3 player, I find it quite amazing.

Reception hasn’t been a problem in my area or while traveling to BC. Where can should I go for support, replacement or repairs? I could fksic find another phone like this one. Placer la Micro carte dans l’adaptateur et ensuite, placer l’adaptateur dans votre ordi.

Keypad of LG Fusic is amazing.