Close the task manager. However, I found there is a much easier way to it Note: Last night, on a whim, I decided to run the Windows 7 software compatibility wizard on CallCenter. Even chooseing custom, there is no way to install just the driver, so it will install all of the anyoing CallCentral Software. It will have a 64 appended to it in the task manager.

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The North American versions have limitations, and do not seem to work as well.

With some combination of settings in CallCentral, I can’t remember which ones I can sometimes get some of the buttons working. I did the same thing. Go through the install.

Logitech Quickcall USB Speakerphone

My machine on which I want to use it is running Windows 7 x32 RC. Not an IT pro? Second, The device seems to work just fine on Windows 7, I just had to run the Windows application compatibility wizard. Windows 7 Hardware Compatibility. Sign in to vote. This also seems to contradict the documentation.

It will have a 64 appended to it in the task manager. This is for Windows 7 bit only: We want to keep the VoIP driver. The QuickCall has been discontinued, so if you want one, you can often pick one up for a fraction of the original MSRP.


Mon Aug 31, 8: There is a way to get around this, and I posted the full details on the Logitech help forums. I am running Windows 7 x32 enterprise and was having problems with my quickcall as well.

I suggest restarting your system to purge the bad JuJu.

The fact that the speakerphone has such good sound quality is a downside in this area. While the speaker and mic work great, there are limitations: I’ve experimented with using automatic and manual settings until I was blue in the face. Remember where it is. The device manufacturer should be most familiar with auickcall products.

Download the latest version of Driver QuickCall USB Speakerphone free in English on CCM

Anyways, I let it run CallCenter in that mode, and since then, CallCenter and Windows seem to “know” that the media sound device should be the 2. Therefore, an outdate device may not work properly and cause some unexpected compatibility issues. You can configure CallCentral to configure audio devices automatically, but when I did that, it insisted on selecting the Logitech QuickCall as my main media output device, and as I mentioned above, that’s not what I want.


Okay, for anyone who’s interested in picking up one of these By default, it works as-is on linux-based OS, after you set it up in your linux session audio settings, ensure it’s enabledand then reboot the machine.

I phoned Logitech support, and big shocker spoke with someone who sported a thick foreign accent and repeated the name of the product in literally every sentence.

Is the microphone supposed to always be on? Double click the Logitech CallCentral and Yes to start the removal process.

Close the task manager. Windows 7 IT Pro. This also seems to contradict the documentation. That should put you at the UK site.