If you are on Ubuntu, you can easily recompile your kexec package to be statically linked by following these instructions:. These instructions have been confirmed to work. Sorry again for not noticing your post. Also, you may watch Peter’s video lecture on coreboot available at youtube asf. Sign up for a new account in our community. If you use the LAB payload, make sure to exclude the kexec binary and boot menu from the initramfs, otherwise your image will be too big.

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Gigabyte GA-M57SLI-S4 – motherboard – ATX – Socket AM2 – nForce 570 SLI

Possibly a friendly TV m57s,i radio repair shop could help too, but they may not have suitable soldering equipment for the surface mount parts. When it encounters -lz, it has not yet seen any need for the libz library so it automatically removes it. The fact that the BIOS is soldered onto the board complicates matters considerably, because it m57slj that one flash of a faulty image will render your board unusable it will be ‘bricked’.

This board was running fine on unRAID 4.

Gigabyte GA-M57SLI-S4 nForce SLI Motherboard Review | SATA and USB Speeds

It won’t solve the problem but it will make you feel better. They may be going out of business, but their stuff seems to be above average and I got a sellout price. This is end of life hardware, if you wish to get one you probably have to buy them used.


If you use the LAB payload, make sure to exclude the kexec binary and boot menu from the initramfs, otherwise your image will be too big. Older instructions can be found here hereand here are some photos.

I would check to see that you did not bend any pins on it and make certain that it is seated in the socket placed correctly with no bent pins, its should just “fall in” with no real pressure required. It’s m57soi possible to put a SOIC socket on the second pad, as documented by Harald Gutmannwith pictures here and here. There are ideas on the lime-technology site.

I have never needed the nolapic parameter, and have copied 80 gigs at a time to my unRAID server, using 4. On a cautionary note, don’t drink and fix pcs.

GA-M57SLI-S4: Fans Running But Not Booting

Now unRAID is back in effect! It started up and I got into the bios with no troubles. Skip this section if you used buildrom; in that case jump to Burning coreboot below. That did the trick! Another possible payload is ‘linux-as-a-bootloader’ LAB.

Have left battery out of motherboard for over an hour, have even unplugged the psu from the motherboard. I have tried the motherboard with aata known working w psu and it still will not boot. Skip this section if you want to do a manual build; in that case jump to Manual build below.


This page was last modified on 30 Augustat If you’re going to work on this board, you need a backup plan in the event you flash a faulty BIOS image. Sensors and fans work, see instructions. Remember, when all else fails a cup of tea and a good swear will often help! What I’ve Done So Far This means a hardware hack is necessary to prevent accidental bricking of the board.

Many boards need some fiddling to make them work properly. Yes worth a try as would changing the motherboard battery CR I strongly recommend avoiding nForce4 motherboards, and you can search the Web for numerous posters and long threads about the never-fixed problems with data corruption, IDE detection, bootup problems, and compatibility issues with some Maxtor and other drives.

You will need to refer to this file to build coreboot as explained below, because it gets included in the coreboot ROM image. Retrieved from ” https: Posted October 3, If you want to build the latest kexec from Debian Sid, you’re going to need to be a little more careful.