News Reviews Insights TechRadar. For most business customers these problems are not really significant, but image editing professionals should bow out now. Although this machine is not going to set the benchmarking world alight, it is a well built laptop with a good screen at an affordable price. Headphones, microphone, Card Reader: This value is also the maximum level of noise we measured for the notebook under light use.

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Otherwise, the ergonomics are good, although perhaps not quite as premium-feeling as the rest of the system.

Post a quick review now to join the conversation! Fingerprints, scratches and dust, if they do accumulate, hardly show up at all, handily minimizing the amount of cleaning you have to do before the next business client arrives. We show the least amount of ads whenever possible but we intentionally show more ads when an adblocker is used.

After the hyped-up netbook a slow trend to ULV-laptops is recognizable. Much like the Adamo XPS 13 and the Latitude Z, Dell has created another attractive notebook that is not only more expensive than its peers, but it comes up short in terms of endurance.

The frugal, energy-efficient components of the Vostro V13 have an extremely positive effect on its temperature gain. It seems that beauty has its price in this case, as it so often does.

Even worse is that because of its solid aluminum build the battery cannot be swapped out.


Dell Vostro V13 Repair – iFixit

Please, switch off ad blockers. The system noise is very unobtrusive overall, and in idle mode when the hard drive is not working it is completely silent. They successfully prevent the lid from wobbling when it is adjusted. Wrap-up The Vostro V13 — or what we have taken to calling the poor man’s Adamo — has us all torn. From around the web. The colours are also lacking in strength and vibrancy, somewhat resembling a palette of pastel tones. We’ve calculated voostro overall product rating based on the average of your criteria ratings above.

But it has a tough time standing up to its rivals in this respect; the Acer Travelmate Timelinefor example, has the benefit of a 62 Wh battery and yet only has a minimum power consumption of 5.

Because it’s a small business laptop, Dell bundles the V13 with its own BackUp and Recovery software, but other than that the desktop arrived quite clean. Just don’t forget to lie about how much it cost.

Sure, it was created for small business types, but its blend of style, performance and price had us convinced that it could be the best ULV laptop out there. Then the only thing preventing you using the 4 GB efficiently would be the Bit operating system, pre-installed as standard, which you would have to replace with the Bit version yourself.

The LED backlighting can be adjusted across a considerable range, so it can be reduced to a comfortable level in a dark room.


Hands-On: Dell Vostro V13 Notebook

Please share our article, every link counts! Dell Vostro V Source: While this processor doesn’t exactly blaze along, it’s certainly faster than the Core 2 Solo SU We intentionally show more ads when an adblocker is used.

We measured a maximum of The lid is not quite as robust as the base unit, but lids are generally less stable, and it is still of voostro very high standard. Keyboard The keyboard takes up almost the entire length of the Vostro V13, and the key size is 19mm with a 16mm typing surface.

The V13 feels great. Or perhaps you’re v3 the market for an all-in-one des Distortions in colour do appear very quickly when you move from the optimal viewing position. As usual they are better in the horizontal direction than v133 the vertical direction, as looking at the screen from above leads to washed-out colours and looking at it from below makes the colours appear inverted.

Dell Vostro V13 Notebook.

More information about this is available in our gaming list. When watching films, this has the effect that the sound seems to emanate from the screen. Of course vlstro already ordered a test sample for extended testing.